Jonathan O.

Having grown up in "Third World America," to a family without income and definitely not insurance, I never even stopped to consider that I could live one day with a great smile. To escape, I joined the military. However, rapid deployments dictated that the degradation of my teeth would outpace any restoration. As an aviator, it would seem my luck to receive an honorable discharge from the military just as the government was reducing numbers in companies such as Lockheed Martin. Having recently completed my degrees in mathematics and engineering, I contacted Rebuilding Americas Warriors, RAW, in hope of possible assistance. Last week, Mary phoned me and set up an appointment. Monday, I walked into Dr. Coker's office and was greeted by the gracious Mary. After she charmed me with tales of Lavender Roses, I was introduced to Crystal. Who shared with me her creative streak and the love of the Lord while she encouragingly took x-rays, checked my midline, and performed other professional services while keeping me aware of the entire process. During this, Lisa took the utmost consideration and introduced herself to me as my dental hygienist preemptively. Finally, Dr. Coker came in. He lightly, but with warrant, chastised me for taking so long to find hope. Surrounded by beautiful smiles, I realized for the first time that nothing is impossible. I must surely be on my way to my first perfect smile!! God Bless! Thank you so much for having me and I look forward to sharing our journey!