Patient Audio Stories by Dr. Coker 

Trying to understand what we do and how we are different from other dentists? Take some time to sit down and listen to our audio stories to help you figure it out.

Brittany didn’t like the spaces between her front teeth.

We have a friendly, inviting office. We work with friends… we explain things and lead them through their options. We love our patients.

Jack was a charming, outgoing man who had become self-conscious about his smile. He just didn’t like it. After going over his options, Jack chose to have a smile makeover. To create a beautiful, natural looking smile, a dentist needs to have an artistic eye, advanced training and the ability to work with a world-class ceramist.

Jackie was a lively, fun 65-year-old woman who had always disliked her smile, but she was anxious about getting a smile makeover. What if she didn’t like it? We opted to give her a temporary trial smile so she could visualize the results. She loved it and we completed her beautiful, new smile.

Denise was an attractive 50-year-old woman with dentures. She came in because she felt like she looked older than she was. After people lose their teeth, there is nothing to hold the bone in place so people begin to look like their face has collapsed when wearing regular dentures. We told Denise about our Fountain-of-Youth dentures which are created using neuromuscular dentistry for a more youthful appearance. She was delighted with the result.

George was a 50-year-old CEO who came in because his teeth had gotten so short you could hardly see them. A person with extreme wear makes for a complicated, difficult case. We couldn’t just replace a few of his crowns because he would continue to clench and grind, which would put him back in the same predicament. George needed a new bite, i.e., the way his teeth came together. Then we had to build his new crowns and veneers to fit that bite so he was comfortable and he could keep his beautiful new smile for many years to come.

Emily was a 44-year-old patient who came in with extreme decay and infection. She had been caring for her aged parents for many years and had truly let herself go. We had to first get her mouth healthy before adjusting her bite and adding some porcelain veneers and crowns. She now has a beautiful smile and feels much better.

Many times during the summer or at Christmas, students come in wanting to get their teeth prettier. Most of them have healthy teeth, but they may need our Clear Correct braces to straighten a few crooked teeth, or they may want their teeth to be whiter. Lauren just didn’t like her smile. We were able to offer her our no-prep veneers (with no drilling and no shots) before going back for her sophomore year at Baylor. Her new smile just popped!

Robert came in for a second opinion. His teeth and jaws hurt so much that he could only eat soft food. The previous office had suggested full-mouth orthodontics, but he felt too bad to even think about 2-years in braces. We suggested changing his bite which is complicated and takes advanced training and special tools like the K-7 and the Tech-Scan. After his treatment, his jaws felt great and he was able to eat anything he wanted. He also looked great.

Bill was a 58-year-old man who came from a town four hours away. His teeth were chipped and yellow and his jaws ached. His hygienist knew that we did cosmetic dentistry and suggested he come to see us. He was clenching and grinding and we had to fix his bite to get him comfortable before adding some crowns and veneers to keep his bite in that new position. He looked great and felt so much better.

We offer world-class dentistry right here in East Texas. Dr. Coker has the same training, technology and use of the same world-class labs that the great dentists in much larger towns have. You don’t have to drive to Houston or Dallas. Dr. Coker’s Smile Studio offers everything those dentists in larger cities do.