Step 3

I'm Ready to Go

Make an appointment for the comprehensive exam…

You are ready to get started on your treatment. The comprehensive exam is the step you will take before your treatment plan can be formally decided.

The exam is basically two appointments.  During the first one, you will sit down and talk to the treatment coordinator about your hopes and dreams for your new smile.

You will then be taken to the exam room where we will take all your records so we can lay out a plan to get you to where you want to go. We will take x-rays and do an oral exam to check for gum disease or decay. We will look for missing or crooked teeth as well as for signs of wear and tear, such as fractures or broken teeth or short and jagged teeth.

As we examine your mouth, we will also be talking to you, showing you what we find and asking you questions.

Once the clinical exam is over with, you will make another appointment for a Clinical Consult.  Before that appointment, Dr. Coker and the treatment coordinator will get together with your records and put together one or two treatment options.  We will also figure out the cost of each option.

You are welcome to bring your significant other to this meeting (in fact we encourage it) so the two of you can ask questions and discuss the plans.

If you have quite a bit of treatment in your plan, you may want to apply for financing with your bank or credit union.  We also offer the services of a health care financing company called Care Credit.

Once you know your options, you decide on the plan you want and make your scheduling arrangements. Be sure and let us know if you have a deadline coming up such as a wedding, reunion or family portrait, so we can schedule accordingly.

Go ahead and set that appointment up now. 

To schedule, just call the office during our "phone answering hours" listed in the 'footer' below.

(903) 581-1777

What if you are thinking about this in the middle of the night and we aren't available by phone?!

You can just sent us a message on the Contact Us form and tell us how to contact you during business hours.