A Smile Makeover


A Smile Makeover is often called a Full Mouth Reconstruction, depending upon what needs to be done to make a beautiful smile.

A full mouth reconstruction is the process of rebuilding or restoring severely damaged, missing, or malfunctioning teeth with a goal of achieving total harmony between the upper and lower jaw. Because Dr. Coker provides comprehensive dental services, most treatment plans can be completed from the comfort of our office -- but he will not hesitate to partner with specialists as needed for more complex cases.

To perform a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Coker will begin by examining the health of your teeth and how your upper and lower jaw fit together. Often, improving the alignment of the bite is necessary for achieving total oral health and wellness. He will then put together a treatment plan with the services that will suit your smile best.

Some of the most common treatments performed in a full mouth reconstruction include:

Periodontal disease treatment

Crown lengthening

Dental implants

Crown and bridge

Full or partial dentures

Occlusal adjustments

These are often complex and difficult cases and many treatments must be done and coordinated. When your mouth is a mess (that’s non-dental terminology), you will value the expertise and experience that Dr. Coker brings to your case.