Fountain of Youth Dentures

Before and After

Before and After


Facial Rejuvenation

The great advantage of a Fountain of Youth® denture is "facial rejuvenation." In other words, this denture puts the teeth back where they should be, to create a smile that looks youthful and appropriate.

It takes a dentist with a practiced eye to be able to look at someone and visualize what’s possible.

Looking at the photo on the left, the woman's face has collapsed, and she really has to struggle to smile. She even has to strain her neck muscles.

In the picture on the right, her smile is easy and natural looking and her facial height has been restored. A FOY® denture will make the face look better and feel better!

The reason you would spend extra money for a FOY® denture is to get your facial structure right. When you lose your teeth, your jawbone begins to melt away. Sometimes this can happen quite rapidly. When the jawbone fades away, the upper lip sinks in making you look like you have no teeth. It also makes your nose appear longer.

Putting the teeth back into their appropriate position will undo this damage.

I think you would agree that the woman on the right looks much younger than the woman on the left.

Make an appointment today for a consult to see whether a Fountain of Youth® Denture is an appropriate solution for you.

How Much Do FOY® Dentures Cost?

FOY® Dentures do cost more than regular dentures. The cost will be discussed with you once Dr. Coker has seen your case. He wants to know several things before he can give you a quote:

He will need to do an exam before he can tell if your expectations are realistic and whether you might need additional treatment such as extractions, implants, bone grafting, gum treatments, etc. He will also want to make sure that you are a good fit for our practice.

We do offer a complimentary consultation with our treatment coordinator who may be able to give you a general estimate. Only after an exam will we be able to give you a hard quote.