Unfortunately, I have had to have a lot of dental work done over the years. I recently went to see Dr. Coker for a consult for more work that I need to have done. I can honestly say that he and his staff are the best that I have ever seen. Everyone is so caring and compassionate. For the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to going to the dentist!

Shelly W.

Dr. Coker’s work is so amazing, and honestly, the staff is like my extended family now. :) From the moment I walked in a few years ago, they were kind and attentive. My son now has switched to him as well.

Cookie G.

Although I haven't had any real work done yet, the consultation was a very pleasant experience. The staff at Dr. Coker's Smile Studio is very kind. Meeting Dr. Coker is kind of like meeting a local legend. I chose Dr. Coker for the extensive work I'm going to need done because he's kind of a rock star in his field.

Karen L.

It is always a pleasure to make a trip to the dentist when you see Dr. Coker and his professional staff!! Friendly faces, homey atmosphere and high quality dentistry is what you can expect when you visit Dr. Rick Coker's Smile Studio!! And, of course, a beautiful smile!

Mark G.

Been going to Dr. Coker for almost 20 years. So glad to have a Cosmetic Dentist like Dr. Coker in Tyler. I know that Dr. Coker keeps up with all of the latest in cosmetic dentistry and I know I'm getting the best when I go there. His staff is the best and they make you feel at home when you’re there. Highly recommend !!!!

Kathryn S.

My pre-teen daughter saw Dr. Coker (and Lisa) for the first time today and I was so happy with the visit! She needed a "grown-up" dentist and someone who would give her strong encouragement regarding dental practices at home. Lisa was excellent in sharing the possible outcomes of not taking good care of your teeth, but was so nice she made my shy (and white coat skittish) daughter completely comfortable! I was so happy we decided to change her care over to Dr. Coker. Even though he is not labeled a pediatric dentist, he was excellent with my girl.

Jonathan O.

UPDATE: Yesterday I received 10 crowns! And with time enough for me to make it to my mechanical engineering 1 lecture with an even better smile and an even better outlook! Because I had class, I asked not to be given anything other than a topical numbing agent. You would think I am just tough, but I am not. Dr. Coker and his office are the most delicate and compassionate people I have met. I feel like I'm being raised by a village!

Jim H.

Lisa is an excellent dental hygienist, with gentle hands and a pleasant demeanor. Mary at the front desk is always a delight to visit with, and she keeps things going. Dr. Coker is fun to talk with and has done great work for years. He also always gives very sound dental advice and really is interested in the patient’s long term care.

Denise K.

Cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Coker's office. They are so kind. From Mary at the front desk, to Lisa who is so sweet and so good at her job. Dr. Coker always makes a point to check in and visit.

Jim B.

It is always a pleasure to receive dental services from Dr. Rick Coker and the Smile Studio staff. They are all so friendly and professional. The excellent work they have done on me has changed my life and I would recommend their services to anyone who asks.

Billy D.

I had a sore tongue caused by an unusual tooth problem. Dr COKER instantly diagnosed the cause and fixed it painlessly. His expertise is infallible!

Jonathan O.

Having grown up in "Third World America," to a family without income and definitely not insurance, I never even stopped to consider that I could live one day with a great smile. To escape, I joined the military. However, rapid deployments dictated that the degradation of my teeth would outpace any restoration. As an aviator, it would seem my luck to receive an honorable discharge from the military just as the government was reducing numbers in companies such as Lockheed Martin. Having recently completed my degrees in mathematics and engineering, I contacted Rebuilding Americas Warriors, RAW, in hope of possible assistance. Last week, Mary phoned me and set up an appointment. Monday, I walked into Dr. Coker's office and was greeted by the gracious Mary. After she charmed me with tales of Lavender Roses, I was introduced to Crystal. Who shared with me her creative streak and the love of the Lord while she encouragingly took x-rays, checked my midline, and performed other professional services while keeping me aware of the entire process. During this, Lisa took the utmost consideration and introduced herself to me as my dental hygienist preemptively. Finally, Dr. Coker came in. He lightly, but with warrant, chastised me for taking so long to find hope. Surrounded by beautiful smiles, I realized for the first time that nothing is impossible. I must surely be on my way to my first perfect smile!! God Bless! Thank you so much for having me and I look forward to sharing our journey!

Karen W.

Every single visit to Dr. Coker's office is a pleasant experience!! Dr. Coker and all of his staff are extremely professional, friendly and so helpful no matter what your dental needs are! I recommend Dr. Rick Coker's Smile Studio to anyone and everyone. Patients are truly family in this practice!

Amy S.

I have always been happy with Dr. Coker's Smile Studio and today was no different. My hygenist, Lisa, is always so thorough, gentle and friendly. I even decided to move my daughter from her current dentist to you office. Thanks for everything!